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Default Doing my first big smoke tomorrow!

Well I'm goin to be doing my largest smoke so far tomorrow. I've got 6 racks of baby backs I'm doing for my annual work summer party. My boss actually asked me to do them after some co-workers tried some of my leftovers, so that was pretty cool! Ill be rubbing them down tonight with my rub, and throwing them on the smokers around 6:30 in the morning. I'm figuring on 3 hours of smoke, wrap for two hours then unwrap for till finished. Ill probably do half just dry rubbed and half with a bbq sauce I've been making, see which ones are better. My only concern is after the ribs are done I have an hour drive to the party... Should I consider pulling them a little early and wrapping them and putting them in a cooler? I'm worried that since ill be wrapping them anyways that if I cook until completely done they'll dry out on the drive over.. Any suggestions guys? Oh yeah... There will be pictures... If I can figure out how..
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