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Nothing to add here if you're going with a butt, other than DON'T PULL IT TOO SOON! That goes for both removing from the cooker too early, and actually pulling(shredding) the meat. Don't go by internal temp to see if done^re read above posts about cooking by feel not time and temp!^
These are rookie mistakes, just resist the urge and you'll be fine. It's done when it probes like buddah. Pull the pork when it's rested long enough(in the foil)to handle without burning your hands. If you do it too soon it'll dry out on you. After resting, pull and add the juices left in the foil back to the meat for more moisture.

One more thing, plan on it taking longer than expected so start cookin early. Figure 1hr/1lb. average and pad that time. You can always hold it in an over until dinner if it's done early, but you can't get it done faster while hungry guests chomp on cheese and crackers while glaring at you because they're wanting dinner. Good luck!

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