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So, I've been looking to upgrade from my gasser to a stick burner and I think I found the style I like most. Only problem is most of them have been way out of my price range. I started looking for a bandera with no luck anywhere. I almost went with the Dyna-Glow vertical offset smoker and then I saw this at Home Depot's website

Anyone know anything about this style Brinkman is making? I see lots of posts on their horizontal ones, but nothing on the vertical. Any help would be great as I am still somewhat of a newb with smoking. I know that I can do some basic mods to it when I get it, but I don't know anything about welding so that's not a likely avenue for me. Thanks all
I think that for the price, that would be a good choice! I've had a horizontal for about 18 years and if I had a choice between a horizontal and a vertical I'd go with the vertical for sure! Heat and smoke want to go up and it gets to do that almost immediately after leaving the firebox as apposed to the horizontal design and the vertical designs usually have a little more capacity than horizontals as well. The only concern that I would have is seal on the doors and I did notice in the pictures that were on the depot site that the model that is in use has red silicone caulk around the firebox and cabinet doors. I think that would be a good idea. I found this stuff on Amazon and I think that Depot or Lowes would probably have it as well. This Red Devil stuff is resistant to up to 600 degrees F and I think it would help out a great deal in making your new vertical work good for you!

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