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Is lookin for wood to cook with.
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Originally Posted by Bludawg View Post
It's your money you earned it you spend it how you see fit! I looked at one of those just out of curiosity the last time I was in Homo Depot. IMO there are better options for that amount of money. It is very thin Tin , it is drafty( don't seal well) and the fire box is to small for the size of the oven. If it was me and I was on a tight budget and needed more cook space. I'd get a pair of Masterbuilt ECB's and Mod them. You would save enough to fund the first cook and have a Nice supply of good cold Beer to enjoy in the shade and smell the smoke.
Bludawg, the thing is I am looking to get away from gas and go towards wood/charcoal. I figure that this style would be the most forgiving and if I like it, maybe upgrade in a couple years to a better built one

I am only doing this for family/friend get togethers and the occasional office pig-in. That, and this should be my last winter in the northern states, and I'll be looking forward to hot weather for the next 4+ years.
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