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Default Weber OTG 2013 thermometer, and mods to old OTG

Hi All,

Been a long time since I posted on here, but I just wanted to thank everyone who does post up results and techniques. Here in England there are so many people who can't be bothered to learn how to do BBQ properly and just fire up that gas canister. My ribs, chicken and burgers are now famous locally, thanks to all the info I have gleaned from these forums.

Anyways, just been given a replacement OTG 22.5" 2013 model due to rust through on my current model (had to push a little, but Weber made good). Can't wait for it to arrive on Monday!

Just a quick question, how accurate are the stock thermometers? I know the previous ones havent been that great, but thinking I could take the Tel-Tru I ordered for the old 22.5" and see if it fits the new hole. I've forgotten the model of mine, but it is very accurate for dome temps.

Also, being in the UK and hence the lack of mod companies, is there a way to modify the old 22.5" to become more like a WSM/UDS? Or is it really a case of getting a built attachment from someone like the Cajun Bandit - only trouble is the cost of international shipping!
Weber OTG 22.5" - Smokenator, Weber OTG 22.5" - 2013 model, no mods
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