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Hi folks,

I'm a novice to BBQ and looking to build a UDS. I'm about 110 pages into the thread so far :) I have a closed top barrel that held clean 10/40w motor oil that I intend to burn out and clean. I was looking for a lid when this weekend my girlfriend decided we needed a bigger bbq to cater for family that are staying next week so I now have a weber kettle for both bbq and to top the smoker.

I'm finding it hard to get hold of the heavier guage expanded metal lath locally but found this at my local hardware store. It's a cover for a gas boiler outlet and looks to be ideal to make a charcoal basket out of, though it's probably smaller than most of the others in use. It's 11"x11" square and 10.5" high, do you think this would hold enough charcoal for a decent burn or do I need to get something larger?

Progress pics as I get it built.

Also, any suggestions on recipes for the first few goes at this? I've only ever grilled on a bbq, this low and slow is a new exploration.
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