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Hey all...Glad to see that the info is helping so many brethern...Hopefully you'll be able to get the ultimate snag @ $399...

I wanted to update on the Lava stone and Vision's customer service...So I've got to say that I'm not a fan of the Vision stone..Ive had it for about 90 days & it's developed a couple small cracks...they come from small holes in the porous stone on the perimeter..Ive been ubber diligient on keeping the stone in from start to finish to prevent sudden temp change fractures..I also keep it covered with foil so I dont have to scrub it or put at high heat to clean it off...Not huge cracks yet but confident that they'll spread with use...

I emailed them Mon and didnt get a response yet so I just called...They understood my frustration and are hooking me up..I declined a replacement stone since it's pourous and has the holes in it (which I think will collect cornmeal and burn with pizza)...I'd like to have a stone like the Kamado Joe that I could actually do pizza on... I'll likey do the alteration so it'll sit below bowl level... I've also cleaned the upper vent several times and during a recent high temp cook, the plastic tab kind of bent a little from being stuck from some gunk...

Sooo in leiu of a new stone, they're sending me for FREE the cast iron top vent from the M series & throwing in a charcoal starter for my troubles...

Still a very satisfied customer and spreading the word on the grills...Only problem I'm having now is that I want to grill way more then we can eat & my pants are starting to be way to snug...
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