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Originally Posted by Bob Loblaw View Post
Texas Monthly BBQ has been doing ongoing weekly interviews w successful BBQ chefs in tx. The newest one with John Lewis of LA BBQ, formerly the pitmaster at Franklin BBQ.

There's a very interesting paragraph that he shares

JL: I did want to add that Iíve never cooked a brisket in my life whether it be at La Barbecue, at Franklin Barbecue or on the competition circuit with just salt and pepper. I have yet to do that.

So essential, the whole mentality that "we just use salt and pepper" is just plain ol bs! I'm thankful someone finally said it. Anyone with good taste buds or a strong culinary background could tell that Franklin wasn't just using s&p.
Seems he threw that out at the end without being asked, kind of like it was a shot. I have heard Franklin say "salt, pepper, and a little garlic powder" many times. All this guy added was mustard and pickle juice. It would be interesting to know how they use it. I assume they are slathering mustard on prior to seasoning. The pickle it a spritz, a bath, or an injection?
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