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Originally Posted by FromthePitBBQ View Post
It's not a savings of's the satisfaction and fun that you get from the challenge.

Never thought about how charcoal was made, let alone taking on the task of actually producing my own.

In the end, I'm guessing it'll cost me more to make it, the buying a bag.

ButtBurner - thanks again. Keep us posted on your findings with it.
How could it possibly cost you more to make it over buying it? The only trick is the 30 Gal drum. They just cut up ficus (I think it is anyway... Might be mahogany) log down the street into truckable sized chunks. I would say it is at least 5 years seasoned. I am going to ask the neighbors if I can haul off a couple pickup truck loads tonight. My neighbor gave me 2 nice new 55 gallon drums a couple nights back. Looks like an UDS and a CharKiln.
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