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Originally Posted by Kit R View Post
I had a thought. This is an honest, and non-sarcastic, proposal. What if judges took a number from a hat from 1 to x (with X being the total number of tables) as they entered the tent and they were seated at the number of the table they pulled? No additional sorting by experience, no breaking up spouses, etc. Then the distribution of the judges WOULD be truly random with zero chance of manipulation, smoothing of data, etc. The luck of the draw might result in a table from H-E-Double Hockey Sticks, and it might create a really favorable table, but over time it'd probably even out. Assuming there were enough tables, if reps made sure teams didn't hit a table more than once it would be random luck whether or not you hit a super or awful table. This is assuming there really is such a thing as good or bad tables as opposed to it just looking that way when you persuse the data of a single comp. My theory is this is pretty much what happens already, but maybe if you take any manipulation out of the equation it does become 100% random. If KCBS wanted they could still use the detailed scoresheets to identify outlier judges and take whatever action deemed appropriate (counseling, reeducation, exile to the salt mines of Urumqi China or complimentary lifetime membership in the American Vegan Society).
Now there's an idea worth serious consideration!


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