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Default Firebox

Firebox, I want to be able to build a fire control it and not have to manage it every hour or so. After extensive research I built this. 24" x .375 pipe wrapped with 2" ceramic high temp insulation (ebay). Encased in the sheet metal box. Door is 1/2" with 22" ring inside (kinda like a safe door) with 1" of insulation inside. 2 vents. And a freezer door handle(ebay). Charcoal basket will slide in and out with back tabs for holding it in place to load. I have since modified the charcoal basket with a divider to get more of the minion effect (control over charcoal). Now I load with a bag of charcoal wood chunks for smoke and flavor and I can finish the cook with out a reload or any tending to the fire. In attached picture the charcoal and one piece of wood was the first trial run. I lit this with a weber chimney full of charcoal at 9 am when I went home that night at 6:30 it was at 210 degrees never did another thing to it (no meat on the pit dry run). Temp outside was about 50 degrees wind out of the north 15mph +.

fire box door 2.jpg

fire box door inside.jpg

fb door.jpg


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