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Originally Posted by musicmanryann View Post
Correct, but currently the statistics are not random and are being manipulated. Reps currently sort the judges and seat them based on their experience under the assumption that experience is a factor in how a judge scores.

We are not talking about normalizing how an individual judge scores, but rather the table as a whole, and across all the tables at a contest. You may still the straight 777s, but it would more likely be from one judge at all four tables you hit, rather than one table with four judges killing you.
understood, but that is sorting by person. using historical data the reps would be sorting by numbers.

quite different IMHO.

doesn't really make a difference though probably because there is always the human factor. however, if you balance the tables by the numbers, it is possible, over time, every entry in every category, from every table COULD start getting the exact same totals.
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