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Originally Posted by TailGateJoecom View Post
If you get your name out for serving cheap que, that is what you will be known as and those are the customers you will attract. Google around for all the retailers who thought offering a groupon deal would get them more exposure and the type of customers these deals actually brought.

I want to be known for awesome food, great service, and a fun atmosphere. I use the best stuff, and take great pride in what I do, and my attitude shines through to my members who agree.

Just my opinion, and I am sure there are some guys out there who do well being the cheap guy working on huge volume.
Thanks for the info. I took your advice and raised prices. I've had 3 people call wanting me to cater events since I did my first 2 vending deals. I told them all that if they are looking for run of the mill BBQ at a low price, I'm not the guy you need. If you want the best BBQ you've ever eaten and you don't care to pay for the best, then we can talk. Not exactly in those words but they got my drift. Thanks again for the insight.
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