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Originally Posted by G$ View Post
The potential diffence, SDP, is that fair roulette spins or dice throws on the level are, as you know, independant events. Deals from Blackjack shoes are not....

Notice I said potential, because, the constant in the equation is the judge, the variable is all the things you mentioned and implied: entries, other judges, weather, a cold, etc etc.

Many here would argue that the past reults from the constant (the individual judge and his score) is enough data to use to predict what the future outcome is more likely to be.
Blackjack shoes have a known history and it's possible to predict the outcome with ever increasing accuracy as N approaches zero. the same would be true if your turn in's hit the same table of judges week after week after week. They don't.

The constant in the equation is actually the food as most of us vary our recipes very little and have gotten reasonably successful at producing a constant product from week to week. The main variable is the judge.
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