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Originally Posted by Slamdunkpro View Post
There is no value because (1) you don't know the circumstances of those tables and (2) you'll most likely never encounter that set of variables (judges at that table, other entries at that table) again. Back to the roulette example. The odds of any one number coming up are 37-1; if 18 comes up 6 times in a row what are the odds it will come up 18 the next spin? 37-1. The odds always remain the same because they reset every spin. Your contest history within the aspect of judges and tables and all variables (N) is always N=1. It resets every event.
The potential diffence, SDP, is that fair roulette spins or dice throws on the level are, as you know, independant events. Deals from Blackjack shoes are not....

Notice I said potential, because, the constant in the equation is the judge, the variable is all the things you mentioned and implied: entries, other judges, weather, a cold, etc etc.

Many here would argue that the past reults from the constant (the individual judge and his score) is enough data to use to predict what the future outcome is more likely to be.
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