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I have not looked at the new KCBS scoresheet in detail, but it sounds like what FBA has provided for years.
When we competed, we found the data useful, but only in the "macro" sense.

As many have said--if we wound up on a low scoring table, we looked at our numbers as such--took it with a grain of salt.

If we got great numbers, but so did every one else--we took as a blessing.

If our table killed us, but not the others, we looked at working on our cooking.

What is interesting is to track the individual judge scores.
At one event, we got nailed with a 10-7.5-7.5 from one judge. Totally out of whack with the other 10's and 9.5's. Cost us some serious $$.

So, we looked at the other scores from this judge and they were all--100%--10-7.5-7.5 except for one entry that got a perfect 10-10-10 from all judges.
Having judged a bit, I know exactly what happened. This Dude or Dudette knew that if they gave 10's on appearance, the Reps could not fault them.
When the super entry came in, the other, shall I call them "seasoned judges", clearly showed their "awe" and "Mr 10-7.5-7.5" figured he/she needed to score up.

We retired from competing for many reasons, this was just a piece of the puzzle.

That info should be available to you KCBS folks now.

Good Luck y'all!!

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