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The local grocery store had these on sale for $1.49 for a 6.6 lb bag.

Some of my observations:
· The bags were covered in charcoal dust and many were broken open on the pallet at the store. So handling them was a pain if you didn’t want to get you or your car dirty. When I tore open the bag at home, it was apparent that the bags were pretty thin.
· I poured the whole contents into my UDS basket. Lots of tiny fragments and dust. There was a piece of uncharred wood in there as well.
· No apparent lumber scraps
· No rocks or metal pieces mixed in like I will sometimes find in RO
· Coming up to temp was difficult. I attribute that to the tiny pieces not allowing adequate air flow.
· My Auber controller seemed to have a hard time providing enough air to maintain the UDS at 250. This is not a problem with RO. The Auber can usually provide enough air to maintain a 300+ temp. I opened up a ball valve to help with more air movement.
· The ribs that I made were more smoky than usual. Not good nor bad.

Overall, I would not recommend this charcoal. The pieces were too small to get a good burn. Lots of dust too.
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