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Originally Posted by G'pa Herb View Post
I was a table captain at Holbrook, and I believe that the CBJ % was less than 65%. There were at least 3 VIPs at most of the tables. On my table, there were 3, so to help the teams and scoring, I held a mini judges class before the judging began, and then again before each meat turn in. The non CBJs scoring was right in line with the CBJs on my table, +/- a point here and there.

The new score sheet is very revealing, judges are no longer anonymous, and names could be easily placed to tables and seat numbers by those in the judging area.

My advice would be to not use Holbrook as a baseline for the new scoring system because of the low CBJ percentage. Just for the record, even with only 5 tables, the Table Captains took the time to make sure no table judged the same teams entrys twice.
I commend you for that and this is not a critique of how you handled. And thank you for handling it this way as it seems to be the best way to do it. Just using it to illustrate my point.

Assume that the non-CBJs score a point lower than the rest of the table for whatever reason. They throw the lowest out, so we can assume it's the low score, so you have two non-CBJ who score a point lower on across the board on taste from a purely arbitrary reason (at least theoretically here). You now have lowered the scores from that table by 5 points per category, per team. That's a 20 point swing for all 4 meats and can mean the difference between a GC and middle of the pack finish for overall.

Of course, the same can be said for the other extreme as well. Maybe you did a middle of the road cook, but you hit the right table and you mediocre stuff got GC.

But as gettin'basted says, this new system at least gives you the information to know if your entry was bad or if your luck was.

Thanks to KCBS for making this change. I think it's great.
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