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I'm going to use this data to help me make adjustments to things within my control. This past week for instance I know my ribs and pork tanked. I didn't really like either one but it didn't think they were as bad as they placed. Looking at the scores I can now see my ribs hit a low scoring table and the pork just tanked on its own merit.

I would have thought the judges scoring statistics would be very useful to them just as Tigerpaw mentioned.
I'm not sure that we need to seat judges according to their scoring averages to even out the tables though. In our contest this weekend, the top 10 overall I think 7 of the teams had hit the low scoring table at least once so it seems to have balanced out in the end. On the other hand, the GC didn't hit it once and won by 10 points, 2-4 all hit that table and were only separated by 5 points.

Who knows? I think more data is definitely need before any adjustments are made. The rest of the year should give you a good sample range to work with.
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