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I would go to the business's you mention and make a "general proposal". They should know what they would need such as land owner supplied physical plant or equipment items (or none). They should also have a good idea regarding what Health Dept codes must be met in order for them to run a food service business at that location. Then you can use this information to structure a deal for offering.

Many developers will supply a "built to specs" building for a tenant. Usually the tenant is responsible for supplying the design. But it all depends on what both parties need from the deal. Some tenants lease the land and build their own with a clause that they must return the land to it's original condition if they break the lease or close up shop. I would suggest speaking with your accountant and attorney regarding these options.

It sounds like something that is definitely worth looking into. Let us know if it progresses. It may inspire others to do the same.
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