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Originally Posted by BigZ View Post
This is going to be a newby comment so bare with me, (I have never been in a competition yet, next month will be first) with out knowing what the "old" sheet was I see that the new one can help you/kcbs figure out which Judge you don't want to have or that needs more training. Since you don't get to choose your table and the same Judge's don't go to all of the comps, how does this "help" you as a cook to improve with out the comment cards? I can see knowing your score can tell you what area you were good or bad in though.
I am a newb too, having only competed in one contest. Here is my take on how this could have helped me in understanding where I am in my development.

I think my ribs were pretty good, I had 2 judges give me 999. I ended up coming in 28th i think out of 42 in ribs. Now, were my ribs really that good from the 2 judges going all 9's, or did those judges score everyone high? Did the judges who scored me low in ribs score everyone low? Now, if the high scoring judges didn't score everyone else high, and the low scoring judges pretty much scored everyone else low, then I can reasonably deduce that my ribs were likely pretty good and got the luck of a bad judge who scored everyone down.

Also, did anyone get a call in ribs from my table? What place did the highest place rib score on my table land overall? Was I actually the highest rib score of my table yet only came in 28th which leads me to think maybe I hit a low scoring table?

Now, as for my brisket, it was my second time EVER cooking brisket. I thought it was terrible. It looked ok, but overall, it was a bad entry. I came in 32 out of 42. A bad score, but I can't imagine how bad the 10 guys below me were. Maybe I lucked into a high scoring table, and I can deduce that my 32nd was a gift.

Like I said, i am a newb as well, and I am sure others can chime in with other ways to use these score sheets, but this is just one way I see its benefits. I would still like comment cards thought.
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