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Originally Posted by HankB View Post
Welcome to the Brethren. It's sad that you have all that great Weber equipment and can't use half of it. I hope things go well with the mini. I find mine to be one of my most versatile cookers.

As far as the butt, I think it was too small. That gives it a lot more surface relative to weight which could make it dry out easier. Get a bigger one next time. (And turn down the tunes in the wee hours. )

That's actually super helpful - thanks! I'll try a bigger one next time. The one I got looked a lot like a thick ribeye - maybe 2.5" in height and flat as a pancake. The NG line hooked up as a charcoal burner is also a great idea, but alas, my POS condo doesn't even have one. Wouldn't use it if it did though. I'm thinking I'll drag everything to the damn pool area if I have to. The fiance and I are only renting so this is only temporary, but no practice and I can't be ready for next year's comps!

Do you think I should write them a letter back stating that others have 40lb propane tanks and awesome hasty bakes, or should I just cite that I'm in compliance with their stupid rules and also those of the south metro fire authority -- or both? I always place the chimeny and charcoal grills and smoker 10+ feet away from any combustible structures and the patio is concrete with brick walls and a sprinkler system - per the fire dept. I wish this was the first time, but last apartment complex we were in called the fire dept repeatedly causing me to sell an 18.5" kettle...

Maybe I just smoke stuff after dark or something...I don't know..pretty frustrated.
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