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Wow - that's a helluva welcome - thanks! I see my idiotic problem was now trying to post in the "welcome to our humble abode - new member forum" - it's nothing but stickies - that shoulda been my first clue

I unfortunately live in a condo complex in greenwood village. Some dude's got a Hastybake on his third story balcony so the HOA can s__ it. They sent me a letter stating that the only allowed grills are those that are connected to the natural gas line (so my big tank on the gasser is also illegal apparently). I think some troll narc'ed on me when I tried to do the pork butt on the 22.5 OTS. I was out there all day drankin, playing music, and it by the time I hit 190 it was 1am (started at 2:30pm). I was lit more than any coals at that point, and it came out like jerky. Not sure what I did wrong, but it rained a bit, didn't foil or inject since it was my first time, but the temps in the smoker were about 225-250 99% of the time. Damn thing stalled at about 162 for at least 4+ hours. Used the recommended maverick et732. Could definitely use some help on that front. It was only about 2.3lbs, so maybe that was it too.

My set up might be a little ridiculous. I have 15'x4' patio on which there exists the Q320, 22.5"OTS, smokey joe silver, and now mini WSM. I've gone a little nuts with all this lately, and it doesn't help that I'm on the first floor - right on front street for all to see.

I dream of competing in a competition one day. Maybe the Kicka$$ BBQ competition in South Park (yes, that South Park). I'm already kind of pudgy, white and have a fairly metal beard/goatee - so I figure I already look the part = half way there.

Pics would sure be helpful, and after I paint the mini, I'll be sure to post those. I was thinking of a steelers logo that I've seen before, but our colorado flag is also pretty awesome. That thing is amazing, and I can't wait to do more. I'm making some bread and herb stuffing right now to stuff a pork loin with and smoke it tomorrow. Can't wait, and I'll do my best for some pics.

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