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Default Corner BBQ Stand- what would I need?

So here is my deal.. I have some land leftover from a real estate project at a busy intersection but too small to put anything substantial on it.

For anyone that has a bbq roadside stop how much space do you have? Dimensions? Do you need a permanent building? Do you offer seating or just walk up? Parking or no parking(the code here will make me put in some spaces)

The land is substantial size with at a traffic light intersection but it is too narrow for anything else.

I plan on marketing this idea to the local bbq restaurants and seeing if they would like a roadside on this end of town.

Any thoughts, details and pics of your stand would be appreciated.

Also did all of you buy your own setups or did the landowner furnish anything for you? (smoker, stand/shack, seating etc..

Do most of you rent or own your space?
Keep in mind parked and movable food trucks are not permitted in this area so there will not be competition from anything like that

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