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Originally Posted by Vince RnQ View Post
Since we are able to see the Judge Average Score for the entire contest, another thing that the new score sheet shows is that every judge at Table 4 in Holbrook had a contest average of 29.1912 or lower. Of the remaining three tables that I can see, (Tables 1, 2 & 5. We did not hit Table 3 so I have no data for their average scores on my sheet.), only 1 of those 18 judges had an average score below 30.0000 and 10 of those 18 had averages of 32.000 or higher. The actual average scores for the judges at Table 4 were as follows:

Judge 1 - 29.0094
Judge 2 - 28.7486
Judge 3 - 28.5371
Judge 4 - 26.2769
Judge 5 - 26.8790
Judge 6 - 29.1912

Their combined average for the contest was 28.1070

The combined average for the other tables I can see are:

Table 1 - 32.4984
Table 2 - 31.0785
Table 5 - 31.9779

That's a huge difference.
Table 5 was the "table of death" at wellsville this weekend. It was good to see that our 19th placed chicken was the highest score at the table for chicken and that our 19th place finish in that category was the highest place of any single item that hit table 5.

At past competitions I would have had many hours of hand wringing and analyzing to explain a subpar finish, but this time I could safely mark it up to landing on the wrong table.
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