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Exclamation Attention! Please Read BEFORE Entering Throwdowns!

In putting together the voting poll for the "Brisket Master" throw down I noticed that some of the rules aren't being followed. Please considered this a reminder for future throw downs...

3. To enter your dish in a Throwdown it must first follow all rules defined in this post. To make your entry, please create a post in the Throwdown ENTRY thread for the category that you wish to enter. You must clearly state at the BEGINNING of your post that you intend for your post to be an official entry into the Throwdown, and it must be clear enough that the moderator understands your intention. This can be as simple as saying, "Please accept this as my entry into this Throwdown". Any post that does not state this intent at the beginning of their post, or does not say so in a clear enough manner for the moderator to understand WILL NOT be included in the Voting for that Throwdown.
There were quite a few entries that didn't follow this. Please make sure that you clearly state at the BEGINNING of your post that you intend for your post to be an official entry into the Throw down so we can include your entry in the voting poll.

8. All pictures must be submitted by the stated deadline in the opening post of the Throwdown category. If technical difficulties prevent you from posting your pictures by this stated time, please PM the moderator (me) and I will do my best to have your entry included in the voting thread.
Unfortunately, we had one entry that was submitted after the deadline. Unless otherwise specified entries must be submitted by 6:00AM Central US time. The timestamp of the post will be used as the official time.

9. Only one picture from your entry can be used for voting, so please specify which one you want used, otherwise the moderator will choose and the moderators decision is final. You are allowed to enter more than once but only one of your entries can be used in the voting thread (for example if you want to enter a second dish that will replace your first one). You must CLEARLY state which entry is the one you want to go to the vote thread. Otherwise the moderator will choose for you and that decision will be final. If the moderator did not choose the photo/entry you explicitly specified, please send the moderator (me) a PM and I will do my best to correct the issue.
There was at least one entry where the post didn't specify which picture to use. Moose posted a reminder in the entry thread regarding this. I made a decision in that case about which picture to use. Also, there were a couple of entries where the chosen picture was no longer available due to issues at the photo hosting site. Please make sure that your pictures are available for use in the voting thread. If this comes up again you will receive a PM and will be asked to provide an alternate source for the picture. This must be received by noon Central time on the day that the throw down ends.

I hope that this is all clear.
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