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Originally Posted by Muzzlebrake View Post
I do think it will help you get a better understanding of whether your score is a byproduct of your cooking or the judges judging.
Exactly right. There is a fair bit of KCBS bashing on here (and I'm not immune to that myself on occasion) but I think KCBS does deserve some kudos here.

The new KCBScore appears to accomplish what it set out to do. It gives the teams more context about their scores. Sean had some good observations about our rib scores and having that info available is valuable to the teams as we ponder the questions about why we got the scores we did. Did we hit a bad table or a good one? Do we have a problem with what we turned in it not? Was a generous table masking a problem we do have? The new system does give us insight we didn't have before.
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