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Originally Posted by CBQ View Post
It also gives us more stuff to wonder about Like in Troy, NY today we were ranked 1st on every table our product landed on, but 4th overall in the contest. Was it the product? Did we just hit a low scoring table? Our ribs were middle of the pack overall, but still won the table that they were on. How much did the table we hit influence the result?
I think finishing 1st at each table you should expect to place in the top 5 of a field the size of the one in Troy. The rib table was a killer, we were on the same table finished 2nd on the table which was good enough for 20th O/A. I agree they werent my best ribs but there is no way there were 19 better rib entries at that contest

Originally Posted by Kit R View Post

As far as the concept of good/bad tables, I'm not convinced there really is such a thing. Our practice is to turn in certain entries early/late in the allowable windows, and I am certain other teams do the same. I think this could result in multiple entries from more experienced teams getting turned in together, which could then result in some tables getting mostly experienced team entries and others getting newer teams' boxes. Experienced would reasonably translate to better scores on average, which would look like a "good table". But what if those experienced team entries ended up on a table of very tough judges? Might it then look like a "bad" table?
I disagree, I think it will point out that low scoring table that can kill your scores. Defining that table as wither bad or tough is up to you but I think it wil highlight the table that is out of the norm in either direction. I think an additional statistic ranking each table with the average score given would be really helpful.

Take table 4 from the Troy contest Chris and I landed on together in ribs. In that category we were 1 & 2 on the table which was 13th & 20th O/A. During the entire contest only one team recieved a score from that table good enough for a top 10. Table 2 on the other hand had a minimum of 2 entries in the top 5 of each category.

Granted I don't think there is going to be anything we as cooks can do about this but I do think it will help you get a better understanding of whether your score is a byproduct of your cooking or the judges judging. That goes both ways for good and bad scores, how many times have you turned in something you thought was just downright bad and then heard your name called? I know I will use this data as a point of reference before i go changing anything in my process.
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