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Default First butt w/ pics

Some pictures of the butt I smoked on Saturday, this is the first one I have ever done (got my smoker on Friday). 6.5 lbs, bone in, fat cap left on facing up. I'm pretty sure the butcher had already removed the gland, because I couldn't find it and there was a cut near the bone. Didn't get a pre-rub picture, but here it is pre-smoke. Rubbed and refrigerated overnight. I used a homemade rub over mustard and Chigger Creek apple chips.

I don't have my remote therm yet, so I had to open the smoker to peek at the temp. I didn't crack the door until 10 hours in and it was only at 175 IT (smoker set to 225). Bumped the smoker up to 240, went to dinner, and it was only at 190 when we got back. I put it in foil at around 195 and threw it in a cooler for an hour. Here it is after an hour in the cooler. I was trying to get a bark, I guess I did but maybe it was burnt? Either way it tasted very good with no burnt or kerasoty flavor.

It fell apart from taking it off the smoker and the bone pulled 95% clean. Bone and fat cap:

It pulled very easily by hand, I added a little bit of the left over rub as I pulled. I really like the little bark pieces mixed in there. It turned out very tender and pretty moist. It was not papery or dry.

All of my smoking technique for this was taken from the internet and mostly from this site and the all powerful google search bar at the bottom, there wasn't a thing I looked up that wasn't covered here. This was a purely rookie pulled pork and I think it turned out really well. Thanks for the help! And if anyone has any suggestions, or if there is anything you would have done differently, let me know, I appreciate any advice.
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