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Originally Posted by Jeff_in_KC View Post
Why do we need a weight limit on pork? Give me one good reason. If you can, maybe we better add weight to all four categories. If so, lets make brisket at about 14 pounds (no separating point and flat!); maybe chicken whole at 3 pounds (no pieces); Ribs? No St Louis spares - full slabs and at least five pounds only!
There is no current requirement that the 3 meats other than pork be cooked whole, therefore there is no need for a weight requirement.

By requiring pork to be cooked whole, AFTER trimming, you need a minimum weight requirement in order to define how much can be reasonably trimmed. Without the minimum weight requirement, you potentially remove the "BBQ" aspect from the category.

The Rules committee, and the Board as a whole, approved a 5 lb. weight minimum in February, so I'm curious why there was a change in direction only 5 months later?
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