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Default Apologies to Drum Burners

Originally Posted by DeepElemCue View Post
Sorry to bore you Tex, but if you read post 11,082 it says it was "the consistency" of grease, it isn't actually grease. I don't really feel like cooking on a UDS for my 4 and 6 year old kids if it could have been something toxic.
My apologies, Yank. I had no intention of offending you or anyone else who wonders if they should burn their drum. In fact, I had not yet even read your post when I made mine. And no, I wouldn't want to encourage you to potentially expose your children to anything unhealthy.

My point was only this: At the time I had read all but the last four pages of the entire thread and had seen this same question (and others) posted many times. It was pretty obvious that these folks hadn't spent the time to read much of the thread for themselves, because the question had been answered many times before.
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