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Originally Posted by ClayQ View Post
Building my own drum smoker was fun but sometimes a small project can get large over time, ya know what I mean. I've been smokin for a couple of years with a bare bones drum standin on fire bricks. Could not use it in winter- I live in Wisconsin- so I got around to building a box around the drum out of 3/4" ply to keep the cold wind off. Later I got the idea to insulate the box and add wheels and a work surface. Now it cooks like my egg. Holds heat like crazy using a small amount of lump to maintain the temp for smokin or grillin or roastin. Then I got around to painting and adding an umbrella and towel dispenser and kit box. Next up is a bottle opener- needs that, he he.

So far I got $280 into the table including wheels, hardware, grids and accessories. Drum was free, ha ha. Insulation surrounding the drum is 3" spun fiberglass sandwiched between aluminum flashing. I'm having a blast cookin and smokin on the drum. Stay tuned for updates!
Nice drum and table setup.
There should be no reason you can't smoke with a basic drum all winter long in Wisconsin. Many of us do and at least one member here uses a drum all year in Alaska. Sometimes ya just go through more charcoal but with a full basket that should not be an issue. Big poppa sells pretty nice bottle openers cheap. Best online source for rubs, sauces and accessories with free shipping over forty bucks. All of my orders have shown up in five days and well packed. Much cheaper than the few local sources available to us in the sticks.
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