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Got rid of the matchlight.
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Originally Posted by NeuseRvrRat View Post
where'd you get your drum? i live near Wilmington, but i'm originally from Goldsboro and i still make it up there to see family fairly often. my wife is from Nahunta, home of what they call the world's largest pork display
Cool man I actually live in Nahunta about a mile from Nahunta Pork Center. There is a guy here in Nahunta that has some that I am picking up in the next couple days. He has alot of food grade but he is searching for one w/o the dreaded liner for me. Either way tho I will be getting one from him. Thanks for the replies everyone. I will check out Home Depot and/or Lowes as well as Bigpoppas. Just wanted to check with all of you for Brethren Supported places.
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