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Found some matches.
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Pics for proof. I decided to wrap the thighs with bacon since they were boneless/skinless and just use a heavy rub on the JD hot. Both turned out great. The flash on my phone picked up on the extra grease... The chicken also looks undercooked but I think that is a flash thing too, cooked to 170 and just a little over done.

The mac and cheese didn't get all bubbly like I had hope but it was a big hit. I used pecan chips on this smoke and you could definitely taste it in the m&c.

Here's the butt, 6.5 lbs, bone in, fat cap on. This is the first one I have ever done. I was debating about trimming the fat cap off or not. I'll be pulling it so left it on to keep it moist. Water pan is sitting on top of the smoker, I did put it in (with no water).

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