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Im just curious to find out what most are profiting when everything is said and done. Most of the events I do are on average 125 to 200 people. When everything is said and done I would say a average profit is 200 to 250 I cook mostly for private partys. Chicken thighs and pulled pork usually are my biggest requests.
That is tricky to say profit when done, I mean when taking into consideration cost of doing business, advertising, etc. I may have a weekend where I profit $800 but my business did not make that. I am making money but my business is not and what I mean by that is if the business paid me say $12 per hour wage for every hour I work to manage it then it would be bankrupt. So therefore I need to find a way to make the business turn a profit or else all I have done is created a 2nd job. Make sense?
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