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Originally Posted by C Rocke View Post
LOl... Most all of the Gourmet trucks here rarely do an event that charges more than 10% of Gross Sales (Less Sales Tax). Too many events, too much hype, and the promoter needs to share the risk. We stay away from set fee events, or one where folks have to buy tickets to purchase food (Charity type events). We focus on certain types of events where the crowd will eat BBQ - Music, beer, etc, etc. We try not to "price up" more than 10% for these events to avoid sticker shock.
I would love to be in position to pass up some, but I am just starting out. Right now, if something can net me at least $500 for the day after I pay for materials and the help, I do it. I need the experience and the exposure, and didn't have anything better to do, so I did a 30% event back in May.

I am just a zero trying to becoming a one. :p
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