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Dropping the fountain was a good move .... But you still have the interference problem with your service window being directly across from your fire line... Shift that gen set center and your fire line fore or aft. (Actually scratch that idea and read on.)

Also...That wasted space across from your driver's seat....Make that your cashier's cage. Then you can shrink your service window and keep money and food separate. Maybe even move your service window aft and your fridge and freezer opposite your fire line. That also moves more of your weight distribution to the center of your chassis. Ever ride in the back of the school bus and go over a bump? The fridge and freezer are going to get that same catapult effect aft of the axle. Talk about tossed salad by the time you get to location.

Just some layout thoughts I am not being critical.... But then again... If you want to go big and have the budget.... forget the truck and be one midway tomorrow with this..

If I had the budget and it wouldn't cost another 8K to ship it here.... I would be on it yesterday.

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