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Default smoked hot sausage barley crusted pizza, the barleyzza

Had to get rid of the second half of the bag of barley & itís not quite soup season yet, so I cooked it down & shaped it into a pizza crust:

Into a pizza pan:

Some mozzarella:

Hot Italian sausage & plum tomatoes:

Need to dull the taste buds in case this doesnít work out:

Onto the egg @ about 500:

About 15 minutes later:

Howís that for thin crust:

Slices pretty well:

You have to eat about the first half with a fork but then itís small enough to pick up & eat:

Overall, pretty good, though not as good as the lasagna due to the extra crispy edges that were too crunchy. The lasagna retained much more moisture so it wasnít an issue, but this was tasty
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