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Default are there any homemade mayo experts on the forum?

so, i don't eat mayo unless i make it, which isn't a problem as it takes almost no time to make it from scratch, but i have run into consistency problems with it. it's never too thin, but it's not always the consistency i'd like it.

this weekend, i'm looking to make a base mayo and then several variations from that, jalapeno, bbq, garlic and finally a spicy one using either garlic chili or sriracha.

for this project, i'm wanting a nice thick (and fluffy) mayo as the base since the other components will thin it down.

my usual ingredients in this type of mayo is...

vegetable oil
lime juice
rice wine vinegar

my questions are.....

for a thick and fluffy mayo, should i used whole egg or just the egg whites (or does this have no bearing on thickness)?

does the acid from the lime and vinegar have anything to do with the thickness of the finished product and if so, does more or less thicken it?

any tips would be appreciated.

thanks in advance.
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