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Default Sausage, chicken thighs, mac n cheese

Edit: I am new to smoking and to the forum, this is my first post outside cattle call. Thanks in advance for any help!

If my new masterbuilt 30" arrives today like it is scheduled to, I am planning to smoke a fatty (just bacon wrapped Jimmy Dean hot), 2lbs of chicken thighs, and a 9x11 pan of mac and cheese. This would be for 3 people dinner tonight. Looks like temps should be 225 for about 3 hours on the fatty IT to 160, 225 for 1 hour for my mac and cheese recipe, but 250 for 1.5 hours for the thighs IT at 165.

I would like to smoke it all at the same time, putting the thighs and the mac in later than the sausage. I am planning on setting the temp to 225 for the first hour and half on the sausage, then getting it up around 250 to add the chicken and mac for another hour and half. I do not have a remote thermometer yet, just an analog probe, so most of the cooking will be based on time and temp to limit opening the smoker.

Does that sound right? Any suggestions? I also have a 6lb bone in boston butt waiting for me at the local meat market (Baumann's in St. Louis) to do some serious smoking tomorrow .
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