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Found some matches.
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Made some progress on the drum last night. Of course ya'll have seen this exact same build 500 times by now. It's not going to be anything special besides some custom paint

Custom bent the chest handle for the side, didn't have an anvil or a shaping hammer so I had to improvise. Bought one just to test and see if I could shape it without changing the functionality. I'll be buying another today and shaping it to the drum. Only took about 15 minutes of shaping and tweaking until it was good!

One thing I did different to save $ that I hadn't seen on the site was buying a metal hole saw bit with a 1" diameter for 12 bucks instead of that step bit for 45. I already had a set of carbide drill bits with a 1/4" in there for the pilot as well as the other bolt holes.
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