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Originally Posted by Muzzlebrake View Post
You really have me confused now. We're going to have to hash this out over a few Skippy Shakes

Being able to part your pork is dumbing down contest to what was it "easy bake BBQ" but cooking store bought pieces of chicken somehow demonstrates a higher level of skill?

I thought you used the Brethren rule as an example of something that gave the cook a course of action that did not rely on their integrity? I still think its going to rely on a competitors integrity and willingness to abide by the rules. There aren't going to be reps verifying your pork is 145* @ the BoTB anymore than there are going to be KCBS reps making sure you don't return separated pork to your cooker at the Royal. Both are almost unenforceable rules that rely on cooks staying within the guidelines.

Like Chris said, cheaters are going to cheat. Myself, like the majority of folks here, don't feel the need to.

Yeah we are on the same page. Chicken has been shaped by the competitor unfortunately. Thigh nuggets in unnatural shapes that have taught the average judge to have an expectation. I would like to see a light and dark requirement to exhibit more skill. Although when you think about it the use of the chicken thigh is no different then the beef brisket or pork shoulder. Each is a specific portion of a whole animal. Oh and I can't wait for a shake or 4
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