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Originally Posted by Muzzlebrake View Post
How do you enforce the 145* temperature? If a rep doesn't come and temp each one before they are removed aren't we once again just relying on the integrity of the individual?
Sean is right - we all know reps are not walked around and looking in people's pits. There is no guarantee that what someone shows during meat inspection is even going in the pit.

The rules will never overcome that unless we want an army of auditors roaming the cook sites.

To me, the purpose of the rules is to define an even playing field by which we all compete. It's up to the integrity of the teams to follow those.

The new rule more clearly defines what is intended. The intention is clear - you have to cook a whole cut of meat, but you can glaze, reheat, or cook bits of the whole cut to a different temp after cooking the basic piece whole.

If people want to wiggle out of that based on semantics, they will. They could cheat in a whole host of ways because cooks aren't watched that closely.

The other question is: how much of an advantage is it? If you can't win cooking a pork butt, is just cooking a money muscle really going to help you? I doubt it.
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