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Originally Posted by Skip View Post
By allowing any technique you dumb down the skills needed and make it "easybake" BBQ.
Like the other 3 categories?

Originally Posted by Skip View Post
This rule seems to be very similar to the BBQ-Brethren rule set which has served its event flawlessly in the past few years. Many cooks like the extra clarity and the fact that the rule is still a guideline rather than a directive.
So if its a guideline then what are the repercussions for not following it? Isn't a guideline nothing more than a suggestion?

How do you enforce the 145* temperature? If a rep doesn't come and temp each one before they are removed aren't we once again just relying on the integrity of the individual? In this instance the KCBS BoD decided that imposing a minimum temperature would be unenforceable so they left it out.
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