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Default Reconditioned Drum Question

I'm planning on building a drum smoker soon and have a question about my drum.

I picked up a reconditioned drum from a local supplier. Apparently the drum was burned out at high temp., pressure tested, and then the exterior painted. This sounded great, but when I opened up the drum, the metal was not bare as I expected, but rather was a dark color and there was a slight odor in the barrel.

Any thoughts on what I should do to get it ready to build out? I don't know if the dark color interior is normal on a reconditioned barrel or whether I need to burn it out again before building and seasoning.

I'm at work now so can't post pictures, but will later if it will help.

Any thoughts or help is appreciated.


ETA: i know there is a 750 page drum smoker thread, but I have no idea if my question is answered in there and if so, on which of the 750 pages.
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