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Originally Posted by TailGateJoecom View Post
Here's the rule:

PORK: Pork is defined as Boston Butt, Boston Roast, Picnic and/or Whole Shoulder. After trimming, pork shall be cooked whole (bone in or bone out), however, once cooked, it may be separated and returned to the cooker at the cook's discretion. It may be turned in chopped, pulled, chunked, sliced or a combination of any of those.

Now, the rule states it must be cooked "whole" but "after trimming." Now , with no weight limit, it could be argued that trimming the butt down to just the MM would be allowed. There is nothing stating how big the butt needs to be, or that the butt needs to be a whole butt. Heck, if I trim anything edible from a butt, or a brisket, or my spare ribs, am I not cooking a less-than-whole piece of meat? A competitor wanting to not play within the spirit of the rule but instead wanting to play semantics could just say he took the butt and trimmed off the part he didn't want to use, everything except the MM portion, and then cooked the remainder as a whole to 145, and then split the MM in half to get more bark.

So, now what is the definition of trimming? lol
By changing the cut of meat to accommodate your wishes you aren't trimming. You are butchering. Trimming is removing the untidy or inedible portions of the meat to prepare it for the cook not to create a piece of meat you want. If you were asked to cook a rack of lamb or pork crown roast and trimmed it to chops it would be wrong. If it comes off the pit as a piece if meat that doesn't resemble the one you are supposed to cook no semantics in the world will change that.
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