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Originally Posted by Pigs on Fire View Post
I really don't understand all this panty-wadding over this 'new' rule.

If I thought that having the meat from 4 money muscles was going to help me get a top-5 pork call every contest, I wouldn't think twice about spending another $40 in meat to guarantee a call.

I could trim all 4 butts down to where the MM was barely attached, I could be cooking legally (within old rules) and have basically the same thing as all you who are worried about some door being opened think is going to happen.

A person with a creative mind can work within the rules and produce a high quality product while all the whiners are sitting around wondering who's doing what...
I think part of it is folks who don't like the new rule in general. And as long as the rule is the same for everyone it doesn't really matter to me. Not a big deal.

The other part of the discussion I see is where folks question the new rule because is isn't very clear or modified/changed/updated in such a way that makes more sense than the previous rule.
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