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somebody shut me the fark up.
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Originally Posted by The_Kapn
Jeff--sounds COMPLICATED
Not being funny.
Just a lot of flavors working with and against each other.

At my personal level of cooking---I use about 4 ingredients max and work from there.
"KISS" kinda guy here.

But, the real experts out there do more, I am sure, and it works for them.

Well Tim, the thought was do it tomorrow night, cool it, store in a quart mason jar and refrigerate/put on ice until I get to the contest. Then I just warm up my injection and do the deal when it's ready. No mixing or cooking at the contest site. I don't know how complicated his was but I noticed Chick n Pig (Skip) at OK Joe's injecting out of mason jars he appeared to have made at home.

However, Chris Lilly's shoulder injection sounds a hell of a lot easier!
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