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Originally Posted by martyleach View Post
The biggest single step up in my smoking was the purchase of my egg. The ceramic cookers, IMO, take it to a new level. They provide a moist environment (highly efficient, little air passing through the cooker), extremely stable temps for long periods (think, I can sleep at night) and repeatable results. Costly but worth it!
I absolutely could not agree more. I had the chargriller with side firebox that I cut my teeth on for my house (we use an Ole Hickory for comps, parties, catering, etc.)

You're learning things the hard way on the Char Griller...I promise.

With my BGE XL, you'll feel like something is missing. No need to add fuel, very, very consistent temps. I'm not going to say set it and forget it...but compared to my old char, it darn near is.

In addition, and I know this is a smoker can do 550 to 700 degree pizza cooks, steak sears, etc., on a ceramic.

I say get what you can afford... there is certainly nothing wrong with a WSM either.

But having a ceramic, I'll never go back to anything else for smoking at home.
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