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Originally Posted by Phishwhisperer View Post
Joined a couple of weeks ago and am diligently reading the thread as I collect parts to construct my own UDS; up to p. 234 right now. I've read many posts relating to various vent configurations as well as how the temp varies from the top to the bottom cooking racks.

Has anybody considered or tried installing vent drop pipes from the lid that might allow the heat to stack up deeper in the top before venting? This might cause a little more convection and achieve more uniform temp profile. Any thoughts?
This post is from the end of June (no one has replied to it). I don't even know what a vent drop pipe would be (a pipe attached to vent hole on lid which would angle out and down the side of the cooker some length?), but the subjects of greater temp uniformity, and increased convection, intrigue me...does anyone have any thoughts?

I reckon incidentally that if a vent drop pipe is what I'm picturing, a series of them could function as spider-like legs for the lid to sit on when it's lifted off the cooker...
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